Fun Size Frights

Fun Size FrightsFall officially begins when big bags of bite-sized candy start popping up on store shelves. One mini candy bar here and there won’t haunt you. But, if you’re not careful, those sweet little treats can spook your diet.

Fun size candy bars are perfect for portion control. They satisfy a sweet tooth and one piece is (relatively) easy to work off in one workout. But, let’s face it. Who eats just one? We start with good intentions, but before we know it, there’s a pile of shiny candy wrappers on the counter. Those little chocolates scare up the calories quickly.

Face Your Fear

It takes a lot of willpower to face the candy jar and not dig in. The best advice is to avoid sweets completely until you’ve eaten a healthy meal. Minis make the perfect dessert. If you decided to indulge, the rule of thumb is “No more than four.” That’s how many fun size bars are in a full candy bar.

When you’ve had too much of a good thing, don’t sweat it. Recommit yourself to your goals and move on. Make up for it the next day with a longer walk and a veggie-packed meal.

Sometimes, it’s not eating a couple pieces of candy every now and then that’s keeping us from being healthier. If your daily diet needs an overhaul, NKCH’s registered dietitians offer outpatient nutrition counseling services. You’ll need a referral, so talk with your regular doctor first.

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