Indulge and Enjoy

Sweet PotatoesGot your eye on those Turkey Day sweet potatoes? Go ahead and grab a spoon, and don’t worry about still fitting into your jeans. While you don’t want to make a lifestyle of brown sugar and marshmallows, your body will likely forgive you for a holiday helping. One day probably won’t tilt the scales long term.

Check Out These Fast Facts

  • Did you know? You have to eat about 3,500 calories to gain one pound. That’s in addition to what you would normally consume in a day.
  • The average Thanksgiving meal is 4,500 calories. Here’s the average calorie count of a few of your favorites:
    • Roasted turkey: 153 calories
    • Mashed potatoes: 237 calories
    • Gravy: 236 calories
    • Stuffing: 656 calories
    • Pumpkin pie: 316 calories
    • A glass of red wine: 125 calories

Laughing Does the Body Good

Remember how your abs felt the last time you really belly laughed? A good LOL burns calories. Bring up some of the funny old family stories with your loved ones and get in a workout while chuckling over cranberry sauce.

One Day vs. A Lifestyle

The fear of destroying your diet is no reason to avoid a delicious Thanksgiving meal. Realistically, you’re not going to puff up overnight just because you snagged a slice of pumpkin pie. We’re sure you can enjoy your holiday faves and still look fab in that sparkly dress come New Year’s Eve. 

As long as you’re conscious of portions and find ways to exercise during this busy season, go ahead and treat yourself this Turkey Day! The exception? If your doctor has given you other orders, follow them!