Show Your Sweet Tooth Savvy With Every Bite

Eat Well Sweet ToothFrom eggnog cocktails at the office holiday party to the cookie exchange with your girlfriends, the holiday season is full of delicious treats. We know you’re trying to make healthy choices, but some snacks this time of year are just too good to pass up. Go ahead and dig into the good stuff – but be smart about it.

We’ve paired a few tasty indulgences below. Can you guess which ones are the better choices? Knowing the difference may help you feel better about indulging. 

Eggnog vs. Hot Chocolate

While both drinks are delicious and contain a good amount of dairy, hot chocolate may be a better choice if you don’t want to overdo it. Hot chocolate typically has fewer calories than eggnog and can be tailored to your healthy lifestyle (think skim milk instead of whole milk). Also, cocoa has antioxidants that are good for you.

Fruitcake vs. Figgy Pudding

While neither seems to be the most popular options at the table, both are holiday classics. If you have to pick one, fruitcake has fewer calories and no alcohol, while figgy pudding typically contains alcohol. Who knew?

Honey Ham vs. Prime Rib

Both are delicious entrees you might find as the main course in any holiday meal. Hope you like ham because with fewer grams of fat per serving than prime rib, it’s a smarter choice.

Sugar Cookie vs. Gingerbread Cookie

Both of these little guilty pleasures can be made to look as pretty as they are tasty. And we know it’s impossible to have just one! If you’re given a choice, gingerbread cookies are probably the way to go. Sugar cookies are made with a lot of butter, making the gingerbread option lower in calories. 

How'd You Do?

As long as you keep portions under control and find ways to burn a few calories here and there, go ahead and treat yourself! The exception? If your doctor has given you other orders – follow them.