Take a Bite Out of Cold and Flu Season

Take a Bite out of Cold and Flu SeasonIt seems everyone has a cold this time of year. Staying away from sniffling friends and trying to keep healthy is a season-long struggle. Nutrition can be your secret weapon, and selecting healthy options when you shop can make a big difference. Try these tips.

Fresh is Best

When you choose fresh, you avoid additives such as sugar, salt or preservatives. Additives can translate into extra pounds and increase your risk for health problems like diabetes and hypertension. Winter is the right time to dig into plenty of dark, leafy green vegetables, wild salmon or ginger for extra vitamins and antioxidants your immune system loves.

Frozen Often Beats Canned

Frozen vegetables are usually processed within hours of harvest (which prevents the loss of nutrients), while canned vegetables typically have more salt and preservatives. Read those labels closely!

Vitamin D is What You Need

Sunlight delivers healthy vitamin D, but there’s less of it during the winter. Talk to your doctor about supplements, and do a little research to discover tasty dishes loaded with this powerful nutrient. Eating vitamin D beats sunbathing in the snow!