Be Fit and Festive

Women ShoppingOk, it’s totally possible to enjoy the holiday season without having to tie yourself to a treadmill come January 1. With the right mindset, having holiday fun goes hand in hand with staying fit. Whether you’re sprinting through stores, deciding on “just one more” at happy hour with the girls, or scheduling action-packed family get-togethers, a little creativity can actually turn your merrymaking into a healthy workout.

Get out and go shopping

Are you ready to pick out your favorite gifts? Online shopping makes it so easy to do all of your holiday shopping from the comfort of your own couch. Switch things up this year. Put the laptop down and go shopping! Walking around stores will burn some of the calories from those holiday treats.

Burn calories, not dinner

Are you in charge of making the meal? Try some quick exercises while preparing your favorite foods. How many jumping jacks can you fit in while you wait for a pot of water to boil?

Toss around the pigskin

Are you a sports-loving gal? How about a game of touch football with the fam? Take a break from the game on TV and get outside for a quick pickup game.

Ditch the sleigh

Are the halls decked in your neighborhood? Rather than piling in the car to ooh and ahh over the holiday lights, bundle up with the family and take a stroll.