Get Ahead of the Class

Get Ahead of the ClassWhether you’re counting the days until the school bell rings or feeling like summer is flying by, moving from the lazy days of a long break to the back-to-school routine can be tough. We have a few ideas for making the transition a little smoother.

Tip: Start establishing routines a couple of weeks before school begins so everyone has plenty of time to get back in the groove.

  • The Night Before. Spend a few minutes each evening prepping for the next day. Pack lunches, organize backpacks and pick out clothes. Set a bedtime, and stick to it. Allow enough time for evening routines so you tuck the kids in at the same time each night.
  • In the Morning. Breakfast, clothes, teeth and hair. Make sure everyone has enough time to take care of these four essentials. Try to avoid the last minute panic that always comes with rushing. Have the kids get dressed before breakfast. That way, if you run short on time, they can snag a grab-and-go breakfast, and you can be on your way.
  • After School. Discuss and determine expectations for homework, chores, snacks and screen time.
  • The Secret Ingredient. Staying consistent is the best way to establish lasting routines. As much as kids may grumble about going to bed at a certain time or completing their homework right after school, they thrive on routines and boundaries. It’s up to you to set both.
  • Health Check. Last minute sports physicals and required immunizations can throw your schedule for a loop. Meritas Health and Meritas Health Express help you stay on track. Stop by an express clinic in either the Gladstone, Liberty or 64th Street Hy-Vee store, or connect with a primary care doctor and take care of all your school-related health needs.