Natural Cold Remedies: Are They Worth It?

Feel Great_Cold RemediesAll-natural cold and flu remedies may seem like healthier alternatives to traditional medicines, but the truth is herbal formulas may provide little more than momentary relief. Here are some pointers to keep you and your wallet healthy.

Do Your Homework

Vitamins and herbs with a scientific spin on the label may be appealing, but few studies have proven natural, over-the-counter remedies actually prevent or cure a cold or flu bug. Your best bet is to stick with standard medicines such as decongestants, expectorants, acetaminophen and ibuprofen, which relieve symptoms and help get the job done. 

Boost Your Body’s Defenses

Supercharge your immunity with fruits and vegetables – the fresher the better. Another smart strategy: wash your hands as often as possible. If you do start to feel like the flu bug is biting, sleep and liquids are hard to beat. Tea with lemon and honey has antioxidants and can soothe sore throat. Nasal saline rinse can help clear sinus passages and help stop a runny nose. Your favorite flannel pajamas and a nice warm bath might help, too.