Reboot the Right Way

Reboot the Right WayIt’s tempting to try the latest diet trend for a quick weight loss fix. Cleanses, detox plans and juice fasts make big promises of easy weight loss and better health. But, that doesn’t mean they are safe or effective. 

Yes, cleanses can help you break the processed foods and refined sugars habit, but don’t be fooled. Some plans can be extreme, robbing your body of needed nutrients and calories and causing you to lose weight too fast (yes, that’s a bad thing). They can also throw your electrolytes out of whack, impacting your heart. Cleanses may also meddle with your prescription meds. If you choose to go that route, check with your doctor first. 

You can safely reap the benefits of a detox by:

  • Cutting back on processed foods
  • Drinking more water and green tea
  • Eating more fresh fruits and veggies
  • Choosing lean proteins (fish and chicken)
  • Cooking with olive oil or coconut oil
  • Switching to whole grains 

Don’t fall victim to the latest health fads when it comes to cleansing. A little research and some planning can help you pick the right time — and the right way — to safely reboot.