Spring Cleaning Workout

Spring Cleaning WorkoutSpring brings a fresh wave of activity: mopping, dusting, closet cleaning. The to-do list can seem endless. Tackle two tasks at the same time by turning your spring cleaning routine into a calorie-burning workout.

Serious cleaning can burn up to 250 calories per hour. But, here’s the deal: For house cleaning to count as an honest workout, you have to invest some sweat equity. Flitting around with a feather duster won’t cut it. You need at least 30 minutes of moderate activity every day to really reap the rewards of a workout.

  • Pump up the jam. Cleaning quickly gets your heart rate up and the calories burning. Blasting your favorite workout tunes can motivate you to pick up the pace. One side benefit: You’ll get done faster. Along the same lines, Dr. Ancy recommends creating a cleaning playlist. “Play a slow song followed by a get-up-and-dance song. When the upbeat song comes on, stop cleaning and start dancing, do some jumping jacks or run in place.”
  • Go big. Scrub the tub with large circles to tone your arm and shoulder muscles. For great-looking glutes, lunge your way around the house while vacuuming. (Remember to use proper form to avoid injury.)
  • Add power. Increase the number of calories you burn by adding some power moves between tasks. For example, do 10 squats for every bag of leaves you rake, 12 jumping jacks after doing the dishes or 30-second planks between wiping window panes.
  • Just beat it. Instead of vacuuming your rugs, take them outside and beat them with a broom. It’s a full-body cardio workout that engages your arms, shoulders, legs and abs.
  • Suck it in. Get your core in shape by tightening your abs while you do your chores.

Of course, no one wants to clean house every day for exercise. So take a break, and explore our Community Health & Wellness classes. We offer more than 50 land and water classes for people of all ages and fitness levels. Find Your Fit

Dr. Ancy’s Bonus

Spring cleaning can also be good for your mind and spirit. “Removing clutter from your personal space can translate into less stress. Lately, I’ve been recommending the book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. She turns cleaning into a more mindful activity.”