Published on December 10, 2019

      5 Free Indulgences

      woman outside talking on her cell phone and holding sunglassesAre you ready for the hubbub of the holidays? The season’s festivities are always fun, but they can also wear you down. If your holiday spirit needs recharging, try one of these free and healthy indulgences.

      Be one with nature. Everything looks different in the winter. Take 10 minutes to breathe in the crisp, cool air. Notice which birds still linger and how many frantic squirrels are still stockpiling nuts. Heat up the fire pit, grab a cup of cocoa, and enjoy a healthy dose of natural peace and quiet.

      Catch up with a friend. If you can’t meet up, call. Don’t text. A good old-fashioned conversation soothes the soul, gives you a sense of belonging and keeps you mentally healthy.

      Have sex. It’s the supreme stress reducer. It can also lower your blood pressure and boost your self-esteem. Add this indulgence to the top of your to-do list (wink, wink).

      Laugh. Watch a funny movie, giggle with your girlfriends or just think about something funny. A good laugh melts away stress, keeps your blood sugar levels in check, and helps your digestive system run smoothly.

      Sneak a smooch. Kissing your sweetie pie reduces stress, kicks your immune system into high gear, and builds a stronger bond with your partner.