Color Yourself Calm

Color Yourself CalmCrack open those colored pencils. A favorite childhood pastime — coloring — is all grown up. Adult coloring books are tremendously trendy right now. But, there’s more to them. As it turns out, coloring is good for your mind and spirit.

Research shows that creative activities such as coloring can boost your mood, reduce your stress and give you a fun way to showcase your artistic side. Coloring is a peaceful and calming activity that can also help you cultivate the habit of mindfulness, or focusing on the present. Not sure where to start? Hit any craft store to find a book, or Google “adult coloring pages” for printables and how-to tips.

Color You Blue

Coloring is a perfect outlet if you need a brain break or a little time to recharge. But, it can’t address more serious mental issues. We all have our down days. But if you feel down most days, have trouble sleeping, experience feelings of guilt, lose interest in eating or activities that used to make you happy, or are often tearful, it’s probably time to take action. First, reach out to your loved ones for support, and then schedule an appointment with your doctor to discuss the next step.

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