Delayed Gratitude

Delayed Gratitude’Tis the season for generosity. Many of us volunteer at local charities, knowing our community is full of people who need extra support right now. However, the post-holiday season is when charities need your help the most.

Of course, charities — especially those that feed the hungry — can always use extra helping hands. However, during the holidays, there already so many people willing to help, you might end up the sidelines, or worse yet, in the way.

“We appreciate all of our volunteers,” said Sarah Biles, Director of Communications for Harvesters. “Without them we could not get food to the hungry children, seniors and families in our region. But, hunger knows no season. We need volunteers year round, not just during the holidays.”

Consider saving your support for other major holidays such as Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day, when it can be tougher for charities to recruit volunteers. Summer is also a great time to step up your efforts because many kids lose their access to free or reduced-price lunches, and some programs temporarily shut their doors.

If you’re determined to help during Thanksgiving, call ahead of time to make sure there’s a place for your time and talents. Or, make a monetary donation now and follow it up with on-site help during the year.