Published on June 07, 2019

Endless Vacation

Happy, healthy and wealthy. That about sums up what every woman wants out of retirement. These tips can help you have the time of your life after you kiss 9-5 goodbye.

three 60-something women enjoying lunch at an outdoor cafeRedefine your purpose. Retirement brings a new stage of life. The work, people and experiences that brought meaning and purpose to your life during your career may change. It may take a little time, but finding a new purpose will keep your mind, body and spirit happier and healthier. In other words, now’s the time to try new things.

Put health before wealth. Financial security in retirement is a good thing, but it’s small compared with being in good health. Eating healthy, staying physically active and keeping a close circle of friends will help keep your mind, body and spirit in shape. Staying on top of doctor’s visits, recommended screenings and required shots also helps. Bonus tip: Staying healthy keeps your healthcare costs to a minimum, which means you have more money to spend on things you enjoy.

Keep a schedule. After years of sticking to a rigid schedule and working in a structured environment, doing what you want when you want may seem like a dream come true. At first, your newfound freedom and the lack of anything specific to do may be exciting. Yet over time, too much unstructured time can lead to boredom and depression. Establish a few new routines to keep a sense of order.

Stay social. Maintaining current friendships and developing new ones keeps you mentally sharp. Regular social interactions can help combat the loneliness that often sets in as people age. Having people to rely on (who can also rely on you) will give you a sense of community and security, too.

Get a dog. The health benefits of owning a dog are many. They keep your stress level low, which helps your heart. They are always up for a walk, which means you get exercise, too. And, they naturally attract people, so get ready for your social circle to grow.