Family Dine Time

Making time to dine together as a family has real health benefits.These days, it seems family members are always headed in opposite directions, and meals are put on the backburner. Making time to dine together a few times each week has real health benefits.

Food for the Mind, Body and Spirit

Eating as a family at least five times each week benefits everyone at the table. The meal doesn’t have to be dinner. You’ll reap the same benefits at breakfast and lunch.

Healthy Body

For kids, eating together can:

  • Keep them in a healthy weight range
  • Influence them to make healthy food choices
  • Prevent childhood obesity
  • Reduce the risk of eating disorders

Healthy Mind

Children and teens who eat with their parents often are more likely to:

  • Avoid risky behaviors such as substance abuse
  • Have high self-esteem
  • Have higher grades
  • Experience fewer mental health issues
  • Reduce their risk of depression

Why? Because meals gives the family the opportunity to engage in meaningful conversation, keep the lines of communication open and strengthen connections.

Healthy Spirit

Eating together gives everyone a chance to:

  • Relax
  • Recharge
  • Laugh
  • Share stories about their day

Get Started

  • Plan and prepare meals ahead of time. Let the kids help.
  • Create a “no electronics at the table” policy that includes parents and the TV.
  • Move beyond, “How was your day?” by challenging each person to come up with unique questions that elicit interesting responses.
  • Get creative with scheduling to make it work. For example, take a picnic dinner to ball practice.
  • Schedule activities around meals instead of the other way around.