Happy (Healthy!) Birthday

Happy Healthy BirthdayAnytime kids celebrate a birthday, there’s bound to be sugar and junk food. Parties with healthier options are just as fun. Here’s how to throw an epic birthday bash minus the sugar high. (Psst … these ideas works for adults, too!)

Food and Drink

  • Cheese. Sticks and cubes are always a hit.
  • Crackers. Skip the chips, and stock bowls with Goldfish® crackers and graham crackers.
  • Fruit-infused water. Bypass the soda and sports drinks, which can be high in sugar. Instead, add berries, oranges or lemons to pitchers of water. Or, let partygoers create their own fruity flavors.
  • Fresh fruits and veggies. There are so many choices, especially during the summer, and their rainbow colors complement just about any party theme. Serve with Greek yogurt for kids who love to dip. Whether you go with trays, kabobs, salads, or an elaborate Pinterest creation, they’re an easy food option.
  • Hotdog and hamburger buns. Use whole-wheat buns.
  • On the grill. For adults, veggie and lean meat kabobs are fun and healthy.
  • Yogurt. Freeze yogurt tubes or pass out yogurt popsicles for a cool, healthier sweet treat.

But what about cake?

“I firmly believe you should eat some cake!” Dr. Ancy says. While store-bought birthday cakes are typically the unhealthiest part of the party, indulging in a small piece is OK. If you truly want to downplay the sweets, try:

  • Ordering a smaller cake, which automatically means smaller pieces
  • Munching on mini cupcakes, which limits portion size but satisfies a sweet tooth


Burn off that piece of cake by moving the party games outdoors. Kids (and adults) love water balloon fights, obstacle courses, and a few rounds of tag.