Home Alone

Rethink being alone for the holidaysThe holiday season is the most wonderful time of the year … unless you’re on your own. If your plans consist of belting out “All By Myself” while toasting yourself with a glass of wine (think: Bridget Jones), vow to do something different.

  • Relax to the max. Reading that book you set aside, binge watch a new series, or test drive some new recipes. Whatever brings you joy, do it.
  • Create a “friend family.” You’re probably not the only one spending the holidays alone. Throw your own festive get-together for others who are flying solo.
  • Get out and about. Take a day trip to a place you’ve always wanted to visit. Stroll through a museum, visit a winery (drink responsibly!) or coffee roaster, explore a new town or hike a different trail.
  • Break out your bucket list. Pick a couple of things and go for it!
  • Make travel plans. Maybe a vacation isn’t in the near future, but you can start planning that dream trip to Tahiti.

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