Several Holiday Shindigs?
Here’s How to Stay Sane

Live Happy_Holiday ShindigsIt’s downright wonderful to be home for the holidays. But for many families, the holidays include more than one home. Are you dashing from dinner with mom and dad to make another another meal at the in-laws? By the end of the season, you can wind up totally stuffed from holiday table-hopping. Try these tips to help you handle multiple feasts without quickly filling up.

Don’t Starve Yourself

Skipping meals until dinnertime is not a real thing. If you skip breakfast because you’re worried about all the food you’ll eat later in the day, chances are you’re just going to eat that much more when dinnertime finally arrives. Skipping meals doesn’t save you any calories.

Get A Sneak Peek At The Menus

Don’t be shy. Feel free to ask hosts what’s on the menu so you can plan. Knowing ahead of time that both houses will have ham and mashed potatoes can be a big help. Pick one dish at the first meal and have the other at the second. You’ll still get to enjoy your favs – just not all at once. Just remember to go easy on portions.

Be Thankful

In last month’s edition of Club W Chat, we talked about how gratitude is good for your health. Consider yourself lucky if you get invitations to more than one holiday meal. Be grateful that so many people love you and want to spend their holidays with you. That’s a good thing! And zipping around town helps burn calories, too.