Published on September 03, 2018

Supercharge Your Day

woman drinking coffee on balcony in workout clothesWhether you’re an early bird or a night owl, if your motivation to get moving in the morning is missing, it might be time to try something different. Test these ideas for reviving your routine.

A routine sets the tone for your entire day. It helps you:

  • Find, and keep, your focus
  • Get energized
  • Stay positive and creative

The secret to an effective morning routine is to keep it simple. Spending some time in the relaxed quiet of the morning makes all the difference in how you face a busy, noisy, pressure-filled day.

Plan ahead. A great morning actually starts the night before. Pack lunches, pick out clothes, sign school papers (and make sure they land in the backpacks) the night before. The fewer tasks and decisions you have to handle during the morning rush, the better.

Exercise. Crawling out of bed and mustering the energy to get your body moving is easier said than done. Yet, it’s well worth it. Exercise kicks your endorphins into high gear, giving you a natural energy boost and relieving any stress. If a cardio workout just isn’t going to happen, try an energizing yoga session. Or, take a walk around the block for some fresh air.

Eat breakfast. Food equals energy. Plus, eating a healthy breakfast gets your metabolism working earlier. That means your body turns calories into even more energy to help you move through your day.

Make a connection. Whether it’s hugging your spouse and kids a few seconds longer or texting your BFF to check in, making a personal connection before you head out the door can lift your mood and put extra spring in your step.

Recognize every day is a new day. Maybe you were a hot mess yesterday, but the past is the past. Every day is a new opportunity to start over and do something differently.