What a Lovely Month to be Healthy

Live Happy FebFebruary has plenty of good stuff going for it. Not only is it the month of love, it's also American Heart Month. We have some fun (and healthy) ideas to help you take the month to heart.

  • Indulge. Did you get chocolates from your guy this Valentine’s Day? Hopefully, they were dark chocolates, which are full of antioxidants that turn sweet indulgence into a healthy treat. If you received strawberries dipped in semi-sweet chocolate, your significant other chose well. They are healthier than the usual heart-shaped box of milk chocolates.
  • Run a race with your sweetie pie. February doesn’t have the corner on love. Celebrate your relationship by choosing an upcoming event and setting a training schedule together. You can lean on each other to stay motivated for the race. It’s harder to skip a training day when you have someone holding you accountable.
  • Test your ticker. Here’s a clever idea. Turn American Heart Month into a reminder to get your cholesterol levels and blood pressure checked. It just so happens we are hosting several Test Your Ticker Heart Fairs around town. Register today at nkch.org/HeartMonth.