Published on March 01, 2018

Whistle While You Work 

Woman looking out window at workMost people spend at least 1/3 of every day working. That adds up to 90,000 hours of their lives. Feeling overwhelmed or stuck can make it tough to get through the day. Try these simple ways to be happier at work.

Happiness secret: By making these changes in your professional life, your personal life also gets a happiness boost.

Skip the Same Old, Same Old

When you’re in a rut, tweak your routine. Doing the same things a little differently sparks your brain to think in new ways.

  • Take a different route to work.
  • Try a new place for lunch.
  • Invite a colleague you haven’t talked with in a while to lunch.
  • Meet new people by joining a new networking group, either online or in person.
  • Volunteer to take on a new, fun responsibility like coordinating birthday lunches for your team.

Take a Step Back

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Stress, big projects and long hours can make even the most laid-back person feel overwhelmed. Once you recognize you’re struggling, try to identify the root cause and make necessary adjustments to relieve the pressure.

  • Acknowledge your progress. Everyone has days where it feels like they accomplished nothing. More than likely, that’s not true. At the end of each day, make a list of everything you achieved. Then, pat yourself on the back.
  • Get some fresh air. It’s amazing how what a little bit of sunshine can do to boost your happiness and relieve stress.
  • Readjust your boundaries. If work emails and a constantly pinging phone keep you from enjoying downtime, commit to putting your phone away after hours as much as possible.
  • Talk to a friend or colleague. It’s likely you know someone who’s felt the same way you’re feeling and figured out a solution. Reach out for some advice.